directions 1


Each year, the City West Child Care Centre community participates in planning for the future and reviewing achievements so far.

Our aims are:

  • Delivering excellence in child care; and
  • Model exemplary childcare futures.

Our planning processes ensure CWCCC strategic direction supports the well being of children and contributes to South Australia's Strategic Plan and DFEEST strategic direction.

Some examples of our successes include:

  • Installing a 5 kw solar energy system.
  • Establishing an onsite preschool program to ensure our children have equitable access to government funded kindergarten education.
  • Implementing inclusive methods of communicating child care routines and information to families and children from non-English speaking backgrounds.
  • Children and staff participating in early childhood research projects.
  • Children attending theatre productions and developing an arts performance with students from TAFE SA.

City West Child Care Centre's long term success is facilitated by the collaborative efforts of Centre staff, management and the Parent Advisory Committee.